Chimney Sweeping Gallery

Fireplace on arrival as shown to us by customer.

Area cleared of ornaments and heavy duty waterproof nylon sheet laid down to protect floor.

Additional thick denim dust sheeting laid down over the nylon sheet to further protect hearth and floor.

Stove interior dismantled, stove front sheeted and power sweeping equipment and vacuum cleaner set up.

Chimney pot checked to ensure that the brush (or power sweeping nylon head) has reached the top.

Entire length of chimney swept to remove deposits with debris contained inside the stove, behind sheeting.

Debris removed from inside of stove, stove reassembled and smoke pellet lit for a smoke evacuation check.

Chimney pot checked to ensure that the flue is working and to complete the smoke evacuation check.

Creosote Removal Gallery

Heavily tarred chimney with black creosote, cobwebs and other debris clearly visible in entrance to flue.

Area sheeted and an initial sweep undertaken to remove debris, soot and loose creosote from flue.

Soot and creosote removed from flue during intial sweep, although heavy deposits still visible in flue.

Flue is warmed with a heater prior to Cre-Away Pro being applied to the flue using a compressor.

Special high pressure nozzle is used to direct several kilograms of Cre-Away Pro up the flue.

After two weeks and several small controlled fires, the Cre-Away Pro has modified the remaining creosote.

The modified creosote, now dry and crumbly in texture, can be effectively removed with further sweeping.

The flue which was once at serious risk of a chimney fire is now clean and safe with the creosote removed.

CCTV Chimney Survey Gallery

Our AMAC Twin Eye Camera is a specialist chimney inspection camera with front and side lenses and variable LED lighting.

Using a monitor we can review images on site and give an immediate report to the customer or record footage for a survey report.

A full chimney survey report is a comprehensive report which details the condition of your chimney and is supplied with the CCTV footage.

Screenshot of video footage showing an internal flue inspection from the forward camera angle looking upwards towards the pot.

Screenshot of video footage showing an internal flue inspection of a steel flue liner as it curves around an offset bend in the chimney.

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