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Hot Flue - Terms & Conditions


(updated 1st October 2018)


1 - Appointment time: Whilst every effort is made to honour agreed appointment times, the arranged time is to be considered an estimate of the arrival time to within 30 minutes. Unforeseen issues requiring action during prior appointments and local traffic conditions can impact upon arrival time. The customer will be notified by telephone if an arrival time is likely to be more than 30 minutes after the arranged appointment time. If the customer wishes to rearrange the appointment owing to any such delay, then this can be arranged at no charge to the customer.

2 - Cancellation: If the customer wishes to cancel or re-arrange an agreed appointment this should be done as soon as possible and no less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. If we arrive at the address for a previously agreed appointment and we are either not required, the customer is not present, or we cannot complete the work through no fault of ours, the customer will be liable for a call out charge. An attempt will always be made to contact the customer by telephone if they are not present and a note will be left at the property if no contact can be established.

3 - Payment: Payment for work undertaken is required to be made upon completion of the work agreed. A sweeping/inspection/testing certificate will not be issued until full payment is made. Payment can be made by Cash, Cheque, BACS/Instant Transfer. Payment can be made on invoice by prior agreement. Invoice payment must be completed in full within 28 days of the invoice issue date.

4 - Parking: We require safe and legal parking and access to a property to complete agreed work owing to the equipment involved which is required on/near site. On arranging the appointment, the customer will be asked to confirm that parking is available and advise about the availability of permits if required for ‘zoned parking’ areas. In situations where Hot Flue’s staff must pay for parking this parking fee will be charged to the customer. If we are unable to park safely, legally and within 200 metres of a property then we reserve the right to cancel the appointment and the customer will be liable for a call out charge.

5 - Access: Please ensure that adequate access is available to the appliance or area where work is to be undertaken. An area of 150cm2 in front of any appliance and free of any obstructions is required to effectively sheet prior to sweeping/inspection/testing. If this area is not available, then best efforts will be made to sheet and protect the room from dust and debris. A clear route which is a minimum of 75cm wide is required through the property to carry equipment to the work area. We do not move heavy items of furniture if access is impeded. Please remove all ornaments from mantle pieces, hearths and any pictures or mirrors which hang above fireplaces. If effective access cannot be gained to an appliance, then the customer will be liable for a call out charge.

6 - Power supply: The customer is to supply power for the sweeping or agreed work. A standard domestic 230v power supply is required for the use of a vacuum and other tools including heaters, lighting and compressors used by Hot Flue’s staff. If a power is not available, then work may continue but without the use of any powered equipment.   

7 - Health & Safety: Hot Flue’s staff will take all reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of the occupants at the property whilst we are on site and work is being undertaken. The customer must act on the advice and instructions of Hot Flue’s staff regarding health and safety whilst work is in progress. Failure to act may result in the termination of the work with full payment to be made. The customer is to ensure that the designated working area is safe and hygienic for Hot Flue’s staff to enter. If we find the property dangerous to enter, the work will not proceed, and the customer will be liable for a call out charge. If the chimney/fireplace is found to contain asbestos components, then work will immediately cease, and the customer will be liable for the cost of work undertaken to that point. The customer must arrange for the safe removal of the asbestos before any further work can be carried out. Working at heights is a weather dependant activity. Hot Flue’s staff have the right to cancel an appointment for work that involves ascending ladders or using scaffolding or mobile access equipment if the weather is judged to compromise safety. If equipment has been hired for the work, then the customer will be liable for the cost. No additional charges will be made for our time and the appointment will be rearranged.

8 - Waste disposal: Soot is classified as household waste. Any product of cleaning (or clearing blockages from) a chimney or appliance will be securely and safely bagged for disposal in the customer’s own waste disposal bin.

9 - Standards of work: Hot Flue’s staff will take all reasonable measures to adequately protect the customer’s property from dirt, soot and equipment. Fireplaces and appliances will be covered, and walkways will be sheeted, or protective overshoes worn. Hot Flue cannot be held responsible in the event of dirt or soot escaping the protective covering due to either defects or abnormalities in, or ill-fitting fire places, surrounds and flue pipes. Hot Flue’s staff take every care when sweeping chimneys with bird guards or cowls fitted. Hot Flue cannot be held responsible in the event of a bird guard or chimney pot being disturbed (and subsequent damage) during sweeping. If the bird guard or chimney pot is disturbed during sweeping, then it is not considered to be ‘fit for purpose’. Fire bricks, fire cement and stove seals are all consumable items and degrade over time due to the temperatures which they are subjected to. Hot Flue cannot be held responsible for damage to any of these items revealed during sweeping/inspection/testing. Hot Flue’s staff will always notify customers of any defects or damage found and these will be endorsed on the sweeping certificate prior to work continuing. Photographs of the work area may be taken by Hot Flue staff prior to any work commencing and of any damage discovered during work. Copies of these will be supplied to customers if requested and photographs deleted if the sweeping certificate is endorsed to this effect.    


10 - Complaints: Hot Flue seeks to provide excellent service to all its customers. However, a complaints process is in place and is available for any customer to follow who wishes to raise an issue with any work which we have undertaken for them.

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